'Last Man Standing' Alum Molly Ephraim Deletes Her Twitter

Actress Molly Ephraim has deleted her Twitter account amid a little social media drama.The Last [...]

Actress Molly Ephraim has deleted her Twitter account amid a little social media drama.

The Last Man Standing alum's Twitter account is no longer active amid drama from fans who want her back as Mandy Baxter on the newly revived series. The 32-year-old left the series after it was canceled by ABC and did not return when it was picked up by FOX this year. As a result, her character is now played by Molly McCook.

"When the show was canceled… [Molly] got involved in some different things, so when [Last Man Standing] came back, she was not able to do it," executive producer Matt Berry told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in August, TVLine reported at the time.

"It's unfortunate," Berry continued. "We love her deeply. She's a big part of who we were. But [it's] exciting for us to look around and see who we can get to play that character. We want someone to come in and not play Molly Ephraim. We want somebody to come in and play Mandy. We've seen a lot of great actresses."

Star Tim Allen said that McCook, a taller actress with blonde hair, is not supposed to look spot-on like Ephraim.

"It's a daunting task to replace characters that we love and adore. I come from the acting side of it: I've been replaced. It's very difficult for the actor part of me," Allen told Parade Magazine last month. "Mandy [Ephraim] is a tough one to doppelgänger, so where we're headed is not to doppelgänger. The new Mandy will not look like her because that's trying too hard."

Ephraim has not publicly commented on the Last Man Standing revival, even despite fan criticism of McCook on social media.

It appears that Ephraim has grown tired of the constant trolling on Twitter, as last month she shared a screenshot of a troll's response to a tweet she sent about President Donald Trump.

(Photo: Instagram / @mollyephraim)

"I'm growing increasingly concerned that Trump's alert text on Thursday is just gonna be a National d— pic to prove it's not a toadstool," she tweeted, referencing Stormy Daniels' comparison of the president's manhood to a certain Nintendo character.

In response, one person wrote, "Does anyone really care what 'big sausage fingers Molly' thinks about politics?"

Ephraim screenshot ted the response and shared it on her Instagram profile. "I love my fans and I LOVE my new nickname!!!!!!!!(that I have also been urging my boyfriend to adopt exclusively from here on out)," she captioned the image sarcastically.

It's unclear exactly why Ephraim deleted her Twitter account, whether because of Last Man Standing drama, constant trolling like the above example, or another reason entirely. Twitter had lately been a spot where she weighed in on current events like the controversy surrounding Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, or where she promoted her new projects, like The Front Runner. Ephraim plays Irene Kelly in the Gary Hart (Hugh Jackman) biopic, which is already generating awards buzz.

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.