Lady Gaga Reveals Her 'Stupid Love' for Boyfriend Michael Polansky in New Photo

Lady Gaga is giving fans an inside look at her "stupid love" with boyfriend Michael Polansky. A week after releasing her single "Stupid Love" from her upcoming Chromatica album, the musician took to social media to share a sweet selfie with the man in her life. Rocking a bold cat eye and pink locks, Gaga looks at the camera as Polansky smiles, hugging her from behind.

"I've got a STUPID love," she captioned the photo, in reference to her new song.

The couple was first linked in December, two months after Gaga's October split from audio engineer Dan Horton.

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Polansky, according to Entertainment Tonight, is an investor, entrepreneur, and executive director of the Parker Foundation, who first connected with Gaga over the holidays. Their romance has been mostly private, but became the subject of a New York Times Opinion piece, when Polansky's ex-girlfriend, senior staff editor Lindsay Crouse, penned "My Ex-Boyfriend's New Girlfriend Is Lady Gaga."

"I dated this normal, mystery man for seven years. Our relationship lasted all of college, and then a few years more," Crouse wrote, expanding on how social media and the internet has changed dating for a generation.

"I don't follow my ex on social media. We were 'friends' on Facebook. Then we were 'in a relationship' on Facebook. After we broke up, I noticed I was 'blocked' on Facebook. And then we moved on," she said. "I hadn't googled him in forever (I promise). But this month I knew everything about his new relationship status, within hours of when it was disclosed."

Crouse continued that finding her ex dating Gaga has actually been "motivational."

"Instead of thinking, 'Why not me?' when I see them together, I think 'That was me,'" Crouse wrote. "It pulls the illusion of celebrity down."


"I went to a nice store I'd never been inside before and I tried something on. The clerk asked me what the occasion was. I found out from Facebook that my ex-boyfriend was dating Lady Gaga, I told her, and she looked me up and down," Crouse continued. "The dress was too expensive, but I bought it anyway. Why should I accept less than Lady Gaga?"

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