Kylie Jenner Not in Labour Despite Rumors

Rumors of Kylie Jenner being pregnant have been swirling around the internet for months, but things were kicked into high gear in Friday when Entertainment Tonight host Sophia Julia claimed her sources revealed Jenner was going into labor.

Now a new report from TMZ has come out saying the whole thing is not true.

"Multiple sources close to Kylie and Travis Scott tell us ... Kylie isn't due this month, and she hasn't gone into premature labor," TMZ wrote. "Rumors began heating up Friday that Kylie had checked into Cedars-Sinai in L.A. — where all the other Kardashian sisters gave birth — but we're told it's definitely not true."

Part of the online uproar came from a resurfaced Snapchat from Travis Scott, Jenner's boyfriend, with the caption, "Make it home to ya one way or another." But there's a problem with that theory — that photo and caption were from December.

Julia's original tweet read regarding Jenner read, "My sources say Kylie Jenner is in labor," she wrote on Friday, later adding, "If this is accurate, I am [queen] of the world. If this is wrong, please forget that I tweeted it."


Jenner has been playing coy about her pregnancy for months, avoiding family photos and attempting to defend herself on social media.

While there have been some photos of her with a potential baby bump, sources close to the family say she won't be revealing any information regarding the alleged pregnancy. Scott, a rapper, is also staying quiet regarding the situation.