Kylie Jenner Reportedly Expecting Baby No. 2 With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner is having another baby. According to TMZ, the 24-year-old is expecting her second child with Travis Scott. TMZ was told that Jenner is still in the "very early stages" of the pregnancy and does not know the sex of the baby yet. Jenner and Scott are parents to 3-year-old Stormi.

Jenner has said that she wants to have another baby but wasn't sure when it was going to happen. When talking to Harper's Bazaar (per Page Six) last year, Jenner said: "My friends all pressure me about it … They love Stormi. I definitely feel pressure to give her a sibling, but there's no plan."

While appearing on Stassie Karanikolaou's #DoYourPart Instagram Live series, Jenner said: "I want seven kids down the line, but not right now. "Pregnancy is just not a joke; it's a serious thing and it's hard. "I'm not ready for that just yet." Caitlyn Jenner may have leaked the pregnancy on Thursday. TMZ reported that Caitlyn revealed that her 19th grandkid is "in the oven" while visiting The Toy Story. However, TMZ later revealed that Caitlyn's son, Burt, and his wife Valerie are expecting baby No. 3.

Kylie Jenner and Scott have been together since April 2017. For her first pregnancy, Jenner kept it in hiding and announced the arrival of Stormi after she gave birth. "I shared so much of my life. I was also really young when I got pregnant, and it was just a lot for me personally," she told Andy Cohen earlier this year. "I didn't know how I would bring that to the public too and have everyone's opinion. I think it was just something that I needed to go through by myself."


Jenner starred in the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians from 2007 to 2021. During the reunion show over the summer, Jenner talking about how Scott never appeared on the series while teasing marriage. "I'm not thinking about marriage right now, but I would hope to get married one day," Jenner told Cohen. Along with being a reality TV star, Jenner is a successful businesswoman as she is the founder and owner of the cosmetic company Kylie Cosmetics. Forbes reported in 2019 Jenner's net worth was at $1 billion at age 21 making her the world's youngest billionaire at the time.