Kylie Jenner Shares First Face Photo of Daughter Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner gave fans a close-up look at her 1-month-old daugther Stormi on Saturday, posting a video of the bundle of joy on her Snapchat.

"My pretty girl," Jenner wrote.

(Photo: Snapchat / Kylie Jenner)

Jenner's boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott took a screengrab from the video and posted it to his own Instagram, captioning it with "Our little rager!!!"

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians cast member had previously posted photos of herself holding Stormi napping in her mother's arms, though fans didn't get the chance to look at much besides the side of her face.

The 20-year-old mother has reportedly been reaching out to her sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, who both have three kids each, for parenting advice.

"Kim and Courtney have especially been helping out along with Kris," a source told PEOPLE. "Kylie knows they're all been through the ringer with their own kids and newborns and wants what's best for her and Stormi."

"She's all ears when they've tried to provide her with tips and guidance to be the best mom she can be," the source added.

A separate report came out in the past week that Jenner has multiple nannies helping her raise Stormi.

"With the support and abilities she has to hire nannies and assistants, she's been a really, really great mom," the source told PEOPLE on Tuesday. "She's incredibly doting and hands-on as a mom. She's always been very maternal."

Meanwhile, Scott has been reportedly "doing his own thing" during the day, helping grow is budding career is a rap artist.

"Kylie and Travis are going strong and he's been as helpful as possible," the source said.

Scott recently gave Jenner a "push present" gift to celebrate Stormi's birth, a Ferrari worth $1.4 million dollars. And while Jenner appears to love it, some members of her family find it ridiculous.

"Her family thinks she should tone down things a tad now when she is a mom. She is obviously still very immature when it comes to certain aspects of her life," a source told PEOPLE. "But she is a great mom. She only leaves her baby girl for short outings."


There's also reportedly been an ongoing debate between the two over whether or not Stormi will be on the reality show. Scott is reportedly pushing against it, wanting to raise their daughter as a normal child away from reality television cameras.

"It's something that is not causing friction with Kylie yet, but it's definitely been conversed about on many occasions because they both have different ideas of how they want to parent," an insider told HollywoodLife. "So time will tell if it reaches a boiling point. But as of right now Travis would love nothing more than to never see Stormi on camera anytime soon. He wants her to be a kid."