Kristen Bell Reveals Rare Makeup-Free Selfie

Kristen Bell posted a selfie with no make-up on Tuesday, admitting that she needs to put in some effort to get her "mojo" back.

Bell has made no secret of the fact that the political landscape has had her down lately. The actress has been posting about family separation at the border and other heartbreaking topics all across social media, along with ways to help.

(Photo: Instagram / Kristen Bell)

However, like everyone, Bell has become exhausted by the constant influx of dark news, and she took some time to herself this week as well.

"[Set and Flow Academy] helped me get my mojo back," she wrote on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. The Set and Flow Academy is a fitness center adjacent to a yoga studio by the same name. Classes there focus on primal movement patterns using tools like kettlebells and bands.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Bell was there for their Barefoot Bootcamp Cardio Express class, which is a brutal ordeal comprised entirely of cardio.

"No mercy, no tears, no excuses," reads the description of the class. "Pilates, Bells, Cardio Get your heart racing. Burn, burn, burn... Hate us now. Thank us later."

The reset seemed to do Bell some good, but she got right back to promoting her causes afterwards. She directed her 6.5 million followers to organizations that aim to reunite separated families. She posted a screenshot of volunteer guides from Together Rising This Bar, along with other sites.

Bell has also taken an early interest in this November's midterm elections. On Wednesday, she retweeted a campaign video for MJ Hegar, a congressional candidate in Texas's 31st district.

"MANDATORY VIEWING: @mjhegar, I would move to texas just to vote for you," Bell wrote. "Thank u for being a voice we all need!!!"

Meanwhile, none of this has gotten in the way of Bell's real work as a Hollywood star. On Friday, a new episode of The Good Place: The Podcast came out, with Bell as one of the guests. She and executive producer Morgan Sackett talked about the upcoming season 3 premiere.


She also talked about the show in the latest issue of The Wrap this week. The cover featured herself and her co-star Ted Danson.

"Thank you to [The Wrap] for this beautiful cover with me and my best friend, the devilishly handsome [Ted Danson]!!" she wrote. "[The Good Place] starts Sept 27th!"