Kourtney Kardashian Draws Ire of Medical Pros Over Vaginal Gummies Promo

Kourtney Kardashian is getting a lot of backlash from the medical community over her latest endorsement. Travis Barker's wife is promoting vaginal gummies via her social media. One of her latest posts features CGI pussycats walking around her in circles as she eats one of the gummies. "Your [cat emoji] is going to love this," she captioned the post in part. "Meet Lemme Purr: our new vaginal health gummy! Vaginal health is such an important part of a woman's overall well-being (and not talked about enough) which is why we are so excited to launch this! Give your vagina the sweet treat it deserves (and turn it into a sweet treat). You know what they say … you are what you eat." But experts are warning against it. 

The New York Post reports gynecologist and author Dr. Anita Mitra gave five reasons why she would not spend her money on the products in a social media post. She said one red flag is that the terms "probiotic" and "microbiome" are used as "great marketing buzzwords," but that probiotics are "not a panacea for health." 

She explained that while there are different types of probiotics, she "certainly" wouldn't recommend this type. "The marketing for this gummy states it has been 'clinically studied.' Spoiler alert: this specific probiotic has not been particularly well-researched with regards to vaginal health," she added in the post. "There are many other types that have been more extensively studied."

She ended with a bang, noting that she feels the products are "anti-feminist." She explained: "This is anti-feminist. Anyone who tells you that you need to change the taste or smell of your vulva or vagina is working with the patriarchy," she wrote. "And while we are at it, let's stop using the cat emoji to refer to our anatomy."