Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Shock Fans by Posting Bikini Photos Hours After Tristan Thompson Cheating Reports

Kim Kardashian made fans angry after posting a series of bikini shots of herself and sister Kourtney amid Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal.

The photos were uploaded a few hours after reports and video surfaced of Thompson caught cheating cheating on pregnant girlfriend Khloé Kardashian this past weekend in New York.

While Kim captioned a photo of herself, Kourtney and friend Kristen Crawley while on vacation in Turks & Caicos with the caption "ride or die," fans were not happy.

(Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

Kourtney also came on blast after posting a photo of the two sisters in green hued swimwear while lying across a cream day bed.

Looking straight into the camera, Kourtney captioned the photo: 'You got green on your mind, i can see it in your eyes'. Kim reposted the same photo with the caption: 'Okuuuuurrrr."

Followers expressed their anger toward Kim and Kourtney's posts in the comments section, feeling the sisters should be more sensitive to her sister.

"They posing for the gram, and Khloe is crying in the car", one user wrote.

Perez Hilton also inserted himself in the comments asking how Khloé was doing, as another commenter wrote: "Speaking of ride or die. Is Khloe OK today?"

(Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

Other users shamed the Kardashian sisters for not flying home immediately after news of the cheating scandal emerged.

"Your still posting" One user commented.

"We love you Kim but NOT today! We are [Team Khloe] until further notice." another one wrote.

"F- losers. You and Kim still posting your bikini pics while ur sister is going through hell while just getting played in front of the whole world. [Shaking my head] we see your priorities." One posted on Kourtney's photo.

The backlash to Kim and Kourtney's Instagram posts come a day after news surfaced of Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson was seen gallivanting around New York City on Saturday night with another woman, as Kardashian prepared to give birth to their daughter back in Cleveland, Ohio.

Thompson was in the big apple with the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers, preparing for a game against the New York Knicks on Monday night. Club-goers at the PH-D Rooftop bar spotted Thompson and many other Cavaliers there in the evening, and video footage appears to show him kissing another woman.

Thompson and the woman, who Page Six identified as Instagram model Lani Blair, were later spotted heading back into his Manhattan hotel in the early hours of Sunday morning, and the woman emerged from the building a while later, apparently carrying an overnight bag.


The KarJenner clan has been tight-lipped about the scandal since it hit the headlines on Tuesday afternoon. No official response has been issued, though multiple sources close the reality star family have said that they're working on a strategy.

However, the family's main priority remains Khloé Kardashian's comfort. The mom-to-be is reportedly focusing all of her energy on her impending childbirth and trying to keep her stress levels low. It may not be such an easy task as Thompson will return to Cleveland today and Khloé has reportedly being inconsolable since news broke on the scandal.