Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reportedly Fly European Crew in to Repair Scuffed Floors

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's California mansion requires more than an average maid service to clean, according to a new insider report. Kardashian and West are said to employ a special crew from Europe just to clean the scuffs from their Belgian plaster floor. This is just one of the discoveries made by writer Zack O'Malley Greenburg on his visit to their home.

Greenburg dropped by the Kardashian-West estate over the summer, to conduct an interview for Forbes. To start out, however, he described the awe-inspiring environment he had walked into. Greenburg's prose gives fans a rare glimpse inside the $60 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California, where the family lives.

"The lushly landscaped exterior of the property [West] shares with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, and their four children (North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm) serves as stark contrast to the unadorned alabaster walls within. Nearly every surface is a monastic shade of white," Greenburg wrote.

"The floors are made of a special Belgian plaster; if scuffed, the delicate material can be repaired only by a crew flown in from Europe."

This tidbit shocked many fans, yet the extravagant floors may be more trouble than they are worth. Greenburg describes how an assistant met him in the foyer of the house, asking him to wear cloth booties over his sneakers to avoid scuffing the floor. It seems that, while Kardashian and West can afford the floors, and the crew to clean them, they want to avoid the hassle wherever possible.

In the interview, Greenburg spoke to both Kardashian and West. The former told him that her husband was responsible for the unique aesthetic of their home.

"The house was all him," Kardashian said. "I've never seen anyone that pays such attention to detail."

West was mocked for his palatial home last year during one of his infamous Twitter sprees. The rapper posted a photo of a huge marble white hallway with high ceiling and little decoration. Referencing Jordan Peele's horror movie Get Out, he asked: "do this look like the sunken place?"


Fans responded with a resounding "yes," feeling that West had become out of touch with reality in his extravagant home. West worked with architect Claudio Silvestrin and interior designer Axel Vervoordt to build the estate, and he and Kardashian seem to have been happy with it ever since.

West and Kardashian's home is one of the few family locations where Keeping Up with the Kardashians does not film, though if Kardashian has her way, that may change soon. The reality show returns in September for Season 17.