Kim Basinger's Home Burned Down in California Wildfires, Daughter Ireland Baldwin Says

Kim Basinger's Los Angeles-area home burned down in the midst of the wildfires taking over both [...]

Kim Basinger's Los Angeles-area home burned down in the midst of the wildfires taking over both Northern and Southern California, her daughter, Ireland Baldwin, said over the weekend.

In a series of tweets about the Woolsey Fire, the model, who is Alec Baldwin's eldest daughter, said Basinger's home in Malibu burned down.

"So many friends and friends and family of friends are losing everything they own in these fires," Baldwin, 23, said. "My mom and her partner lost their Malibu home in #Woolseyfire and thankfully, they are both safe."

PEOPLE reports that a representative for Basinger, 64, has not commented on the condition of her home.

The news that Basinger's home burned down came during a tweetstorm from Baldwin, who said she was accused by a police officer of looting while trying to get into her Malibu home on Saturday.

"Yesterday I spent all day long trying to get back to my place in Malibu to gather a couple of my things before the winds were expected to pick back up," she tweeted on Sunday.

"An officer at a back way entrance to one of the main canyons that take you over to Malibu stopped us and refused to let us in because I don't have my Malibu address on my ID," she continued.

"Not only was he a d—, but he had 0 compassion and he literally accused us of being looters and threatened us that we were going to be arrested if we kept giving him trouble," she wrote.

"I understand that he was doing his job, but in times like this when people are losing loved ones and losing their homes, the least you can do is show compassion and be as kind as you can even if you can't help them," she tweeted.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Malibu residents received a warning just after 12 p.m. on Friday to evacuate. By Friday afternoon, the Woolsey Fire had swelled from 10,000 acres to 14,000 and remained at zero percent containment. As of Tuesday, the Woolsey Fire has burned over 93,000 acres in Los Angeles County and Ventura County and is just 30 percent contained.

Tens of thousands of California residents have been forced to evacuate their homes amid the Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire in Southern California, as well as the deadlier Camp Fire in the northern half of the state. The Camp Fire has killed 42 people, making it the deadliest in California's history, while 2 have died as a result of the Woolsey Fire. The Butte County sheriff's office said four victims have been positively identified and their families have been notified, according to CBS News. Some 228 people remain unaccounted for in Northern California.

Basinger joins many others whose homes have not survived the wildfires. In the Woolsey Fire, some 370 structures have been destroyed, while 57,000 remain in danger. Over 7,100 structures have been destroyed in the Camp Fire, most of them residences.

Over 130 reports of "suspicious incidents" have been reported in the Camp Fire, including 16 considered looting, CBS News reports, although no arrests have been made.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Gerard Butler, Neil Young and Robin Thicke have also lost their homes in the fires.

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