Kevin O'Leary: Fatal Boat Crash Involving 'Shark Tank' Star Could Potentially Face Major Complications

In the weeks following a fatal crash in an Ontario lake that left two dead and Shark Tank star, Kevin O’Leary and his wife at the center of an investigation, sources suggest police could potentially face major complications that will hinder investigators from speedy results.

Canadian newspaper, The National Post reports that the police investigation into the fatal collision involving O’Leary’s boat is now under a strong bout of complications by the obvious fact that boats do not leave skid marks, with forensic investigators possibly running into issues, thus slowing down progress. It’s known that after car crashes, law enforcement authorities will rely on skid marks and debris to understand the details of a collision, however the body of water surrounding the scene of the crime is running more than a dent into enquiries.

“It comes down to contamination of the evidence,” said Kevin Kinsella, a former investigator for the Ontario government and president of a private investigation and cyber security company. “Water can affect the body, can affect a lot of things … It could take three weeks just to collect the evidence.”

Kinsella expects investigators will need at least six weeks to determine what really happened, stating: “Be patient with them.”

Though details remain murky, O’Leary was a passenger on a boat reportedly steered by his wife, Linda, when they collided with two people on the lake in the cottage country Township of Muskoka Lakes. The two victims were identified as Gary Poltash, 64, who was killed immediately after being struck in the head; and Susanne Brito, a 48-year-old mother of three, was left gravely injured and transported to a hospital, where she was kept on a ventilator until her organs could be donated.

In the days following the collision, reports surfaced that investigators were trying to recreate the crash, and would not rule out alcohol as a factor. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) did not confirm any such details, nor release any findings into their investigation.

Details of the crash remain unclear, and it has now been reported that both parties involved have given conflicting stories. According to O’Leary, navigation lights on the larger vessel, which he alleged fled the scene after the collision, were not on. Those aboard the second boat claim their navigation lights were on. Canadian authorities currently investigating the collision have not commented on details of the case.

“The investigation is just ongoing and they’re not releasing anything until the end of the investigation,” Const. Joe Scali told the Toronto Sun. “This is a regular, normal investigation, looking at all the aspects — we have marine technical experts.”


Currently, no charges have been filed. Linda was administered a DUI test at the scene and passed. It was also recently revealed that O’Leary has hired Canadian defense attorney Brian Greenspan, who previously represented Justin Bieber.

Photo credit: Mark Davis / Getty Images