Kevin Hart Weighs in on Oscars Going Hostless for Second Year Since Tweets Controversy

It appears as if Kevin Hart is super cool with the fact that this year's Oscars will be carrying [...]

It appears as if Kevin Hart is super cool with the fact that this year's Oscars will be carrying on hostless again. The Jumanji star was caught by TMZ in Los Angeles with wife Eniko Hart as the two were exiting the popular Hollywood club Bootsy Bellows early Sunday morning when he was asked how he felt about the situation this year. The 40-year-old comedian did not seem salty about it one bit. In fact, he appeared to be in favor of the new trend that he set last year when he stepped down from the position after controversial tweets were resurfaced.

When asked his thoughts on the fact that ever since he stepped down, the Oscars haven't had a host, he gave a light-hearted answer and said, "I'm a fan of the Oscars, always have been."

Then when pushed a little further as the outlet was trying to state that ever since him things have changed, Hart didn't let him finish, in a kind manner, before saying, "It's no feelings, not a problem. It's a good thing," as he got into the car to go home.

Last year Hart was set to host the annual event, however, was forced to step down after refusing to thoroughly apologize for his homophobic tweets. He stated that he already addressed the issues prior to and now that they're becoming an issue again, he felt he had already settled the dust. In his recent Netflix documentary series that came out, Hart says now that he's out of the Oscars drama and has been able to step away from it all, he realizes his actions came off as disheartening to several. He made it very clear that he's not perfect by any means and strives to be a better man each and every day, and that the entire situation was a learning experience.

Those coordinating the event, as well as the fans, at the time, were a little nervous as to how the event would go without a host. Surprisingly, it went rather well and even shaved off roughly 20 minutes. Since it worked so well last year, and gave several other famous faces a chance to get up on stage to present, the Academy decided to do it once again.

As for Hart and the Academy, there seem to be no hard feelings, and as Hart explained in the video, he has nothing but love for the Oscars. If Hart had presented, it would have made him one of few comedians to grace the stage as a host.