Kevin Hart Dishes on 'Road to Recovery,' Shows off Saturday Morning Workout Routine

Kevin Hart is still hard at work on his recovery following his car crash and back surgery. Hart was up early on Saturday morning hitting a tough rehabilitation workout outside. He posted a clip to Instagram, along with a note about self improvement to motivate his followers.

The video showed a montage of Hart doing dynamic movements with light dumbbells and kettlebells. In a previous post, he noted that he was not going all out in the gym, but was taking a slow, smart approach to building himself back up.

The comedian seemed to be on a great track in this week's post, and it is hard to believe he had back surgery just a few short weeks ago. This morning he was able to jump into lunges with a weight over his head, do full pushups with an added hand-raise for balance, and then perform a football-like drill touching his toes to the flagstones on his steps.

The post was also inspiring as it showed off Hart's idyllic view. The comedian was a stone's throw from the ocean, and he was surrounded by an impeccable law, with an inviting patio set-up and a towering house in the background. A gardener could even be seen over Hart's shoulder working on the landscaping.

Friends and fans posted their support for Hart as the video made the rounds. Many took inspiration from the comedian, especially considering how recently he was in the hospital.

"One step at a time Kev. Ur motivating all of us...Let’s gooooo," wrote La La Anthony.

"Maaaan, seeing how you overcame this adversity and now using it to fuel positively! I feel inspired to find this strength in myself," added comedian Cynthia Luciette. "Thank you Kevin!"

Hart was in a devastating car crash back in September that put him in the hospital. He was in the passenger seat of his own vintage muscle car, which broke through a guard rail and went off the road in Beverly Hills, California. The car plunged into a ditch and Hart was the the only one able to get out without assistance.


Hart was taken to the hospital and operated on shortly after. The driver, Jared Black was airlifted to a hospital. The passenger in the backseat was uninjured, though authorities needed to cut through the car to get her out.

By all appearances, Hart's recovery is going well, which is fortunate because he has a busy year ahead of him. Hart will be back in theaters next month for Jumanji: The Next Level. The movie premieres on Friday, Dec. 13.