Kevin Hart Admits to Cheating on His Wife Eniko Parrish

Kevin Hart opened up on the radio show "The Breakfast Club" on Thursday about cheating on his wife Eniko Parrish, revealing that he "f--ked up."

"You gotta f--king just say exactly what it is," Hart said. "That' Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment. That's not the finest hour of my life. With that being said, you make your bed, you lay in it."

He went on to say how he wasn't even "thinking" when he went on to film video of himself showing sexually suggestive situations with another woman.

"You f--k up and then you go, 'Oh s--t, I f--ked up,'" he continued. "I rightfully stand in front of my f--k-up, hands in the air, I'm guilty. Regardless of how it happened and what was involved and s--t that I can't talk about, I'm guilty. I'm wrong."

The host of the radio show, Charlemagne questioned Hart about the whereabouts of his team when he chose to cheat on his wife, to which he revealed he was alone.

"I was supposed to be in... Barcelona but the terrorist attack happened that morning," he said of the August tragedy.

The Jumanji actor said he decided he wouldn't have been able to travel to Barcelona and decided instead to "take a trip to Vegas" with one of his friends while his wife was out of town, calling it all a "gut-punch from God."

"[It was] a reality check," he said, adding he learned a valuable lesson — one similar to that he learned when he got a DUI, and will never replicate that moment again.

"There's no excuse," he continued. "I shouldn't have been in that situation to begin with."

After welcoming his son Kenzo with Parish in November, Hart admits that some days are good and some are bad.

"There's days when we're just riding in the car and I catch her just staring at the side of my face," he reflected. "I act like I don't feel it... but I know. I love my f--king wife. My wife know my heart."

He adds that at the end of the day, the "negativity that comes from outside comes from a place where people are unhappy."

While Hart was grilled about his infidelity, he explained that he couldn't go into any further details of that night because of the "federal investigation."


In September, the FBI had reportedly identified the woman who was demanding a "multi-million dollar" sum to keep the video under wraps.

While Hart apologized for his behavior to his wife and two children from a previous marriage at the time, he instead admitted the truth before.