Kendra Wilkinson's Cryptic Tweet Sets off Rumor Mill

As divorce rumors continue to swirl, former Playboy model and reality television personality Kendra Wilkinson took to Twitter Thursday night to post a series of cryptic tweets.

"The universe doesn't stop for you," Wilkinson wrote. "Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. At the end if all u have is faith, love and positive outlook then it's a good day."

She then proceeded to have interactions with multiple fans offering her advice and provide aid on her potentially crumbling marriage with former NFL player Hank Baskett. She didn't seem interested.

"I can't stand marital advice," Wilkinson said. "[Laugh out loud]. The [Dalai Lama] is the only one who can give me any type to real shit advice. [Laugh my a— off] marital advice makes me [vomit]."

Despite her multiple outbursts on social media, Wilkinson has played coy on the topic of whether or not the two have officially split.

"She's been really unhappy and felt uncomfortable in the marriage and they have been fighting a lot," a source told Us Weekly on Tuesday.

The Kendra on Top star did admit back in February that she and Baskett were in fact having problems, attempting to debunk tabloid rumors that the drama was being faked to keep their reality show going.

"1. How do u fake marital problems? Makes absolutely no sense," Wilkinson started off. "2. Yes we are having issues. 3. My job has been reality tv for 13 years. 4. My show was a comedy and light hearted til sad times happened then we had to change my show from comedy to drama. Not what I wanted but was a part of my journey and story."

A source told E! News on Thursday that "there's not coming back" for the couple.

"[Hank] thought letting Kendra do the Las Vegas gig would make her happy, but ultimately it's drawn them farther apart," our source said. "They've had massive issues for years and everything is just coming to a head now."


Wilkinson earned fame as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on the E! show The Girls Next Door. She moved out of the mansion in 2009 and married Baskett later that year.