Kendall Jenner Wows in Sultry Lacy Bodysuit Photo

Kendall Jenner dropped a rare lacy bodysuit photo on her timeline for all her Instagram followers [...]

Kendall Jenner dropped a rare lacy bodysuit photo on her timeline for all her Instagram followers to see. The picture saw the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star sporting black lace lingerie in which she captioned the photo, "did my makeup 'n stuff."

The image drew quite the reaction from her followers but even garnered plenty of attention from her family. Her sister, Kylie, wrote, "this is rare Kendall content!!!!!" Kendall, who in April posted a throwback photo of herself at the beach, responded to that remark by merely responding, "quarantine." Khloe Kardashian followed that up by posting, "Wow wow wow." Her friend, Hailey Bieber, also commented back to a fan who wondered who Jenner was "zoomin' with," to which Bieber said, "Me." All in all, it appears Jenner is making the best of quarantine, especially after dealing with a previous engagement with a follower who called her dating life out.

On April 30, a TikTok user uploaded a clip of three men passing a young girl around with the caption reading, "NBA players passing around Kendall Jenner." This meme came after images of her and Phoneix Suns star, Devin Booker, were seen going on a road trip together in Arizona. In response to another user who wrote, "maybe she passing them around," Jenner quote-tweeted and typed, "They act like I'm not in control of where I throw this cooch." Her sister quickly jumped in, calling it the "tweet of the year."

Jenner has been on the receiving end of much criticism over the past month. Previously, she was drawing the ire of fans who didn't believe she was taking the quarantine orders seriously. Seeing her go on a road trip with Booker didn't help, nor did her posting a photo of her in her car, either. In fact, Jenner clapped back at some of the comments.

She also uploaded a gallery on Instagram of all of her friends in which she expressed the importance of taking this quarantine seriously. The model also noted how she was missing all of her friends. In the never-seen-before pictures, Jenner captioned it all by writing, "the sooner we quarantine, the sooner we can get back to our peoples again."