Kendall Jenner Blasted for Her Bottle Cap Challenge

Plenty of stars have given their take on the 'bottle cap challenge,' but Kendall Jenner's version [...]

Plenty of stars have given their take on the "bottle cap challenge," but Kendall Jenner's version did not go over well with some fans. The 23-year-old supermodel attempted the social media stunt on the beach in Greece, where she is currently on vacation. While she pulled off the trick, some are angry at Jenner for not retrieving the cap.

The bottle cap challenge is a new viral phenomenon, where users are required to spin the cap off of a water bottle with a kick, without knocking the bottle over. Some have not only pulled off the stunt, but added complicated variations to it, as Jenner did with mixed results.

In her video, Jenner came rushing at a water bottle on a jet ski, kicking it as she swerved past. Her toe knocked the bottle cap off, and directly into the water. Some fans were horrified, fearing that the cap would add to the masses of plastic polluting the ocean.

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"Am I the only one concerned and hoping that they threw away the cap after this and didn't let it just fall into the ocean?" one fan wrote.

"Great a plastic bottle cap in the ocean.. cool," added another.

In response to the outcry, Jenner left another comment of her own, writing: "cap recovered" with a kissing face emoji. Jenner did not seem to take offense at the automatically outraged reaction, and in fact must have shared some of her fans' concern as she went to all the trouble of fishing the cap out of the water.

"Didn't think I could be any more impressed," one fan wrote after seeing Jenner's comment.

"Yeah yeah, let's hope she really did recover it," grumbled another.

Meanwhile, Jenner's famous sisters and friends were duly impressed with her video as well. Kylie Jenner left a stunned "omg," while Kim Kardashiaon wrote: "Yesssss this is so good!!!!!"

"I'm crying," added Kourtney Kardashian.

"And that's a wrap. Game over," declared Scott Disick.

Jenner accepted the challenge from her friend Hailey Bieber -- formerly Hailey Baldwin. The actress had a similar take on the challenge, coming at her bottle on a fast-moving ATV and kicking it off in passing. Like Jenner, she slowed her video down and set it music.

The bottle cap challenge continues to dominate social media, even with rising complaints about waste and recycling. Still, the viral sensation shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.