Kate Middleton to Make Major Sacrifice This Christmas

Kate Middleton was faced with a big decision about the upcoming holiday season. According to Express, the Duchess of Cambridge had to decide whether to celebrate Christmas with Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family or with the Middletons. Ultimately, Middleton will spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Queen alongside her husband Prince William and their three children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. 

Royal expert Katie Nicholl explained that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have alternated between their two families for Christmas. One year, they'll spend it with the Middleton family at their Bucklebury house while they'll celebrate Christmas with the Queen the next year. But, Middleton is putting her "duty" before "self" this year by spending the holidays at Sandringham. Nicholl explained, "So there is a sacrifice on Kate's part because Christmas is a very big thing for the Middleton family, but they put The Queen first and make sure they are there on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Sandringham."

Even though Middleton will be with her in-laws for Christmas, she will get to see her family, as well. The expert added, "But, it's probably a lot of fun for the Cambridge children that they get to celebrate Christmas twice – once with their great-grandmother and the Royal Family and then again with the Middletons at their Bucklebury home." Christmas looked very different for the royal family in 2020, just as it did for many around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Queen canceled the family's annual gathering at Sandringham, per PEOPLE. 


Since their plans were altered due to the pandemic, the Cambridge family spent Christmas at their country home of Anmer Hall in Norfolk. The duke and duchess did release a message on social media to mark the holiday, writing, "This Christmas our thoughts are with those of you who are spending today alone, those of you who are mourning the loss of a loved one, and those of you on the frontline who are still mustering the energy to put your own lives on hold to look after the rest of us." They continued, while including links to a series of mental health charities, "Wishing a merry Christmas doesn't feel right this year, so instead we're wishing for a better 2021. For those struggling today, there is support available."