Kanye West 'Doing OK' After Flu Scare

Kanye West is reportedly doing well as he recuperates from a case of the flu that put him into the hospital.

West was checked into the emergency room on Sunday when his symptoms became startling to his wife, Kim Kardashian. However, according to a report by Us Weekly, he is now back at home and his recovery is going well. Sources told the outlet that West is "doing okay" in spite of the frightening incident.

As previously reported, West was brought to West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley. Kardashian apparently feared that his conditions were not getting any better, and after a deadly flu season, she decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

Multiple outlets reported that West had been sick for some time before the hospital visit, and he was most likely going in the hopes of getting antibiotics.

West is the first to admit that he can be sensitive and even over-reactive when it comes to his health. Earlier this month, he wrote about devastating headaches he sometimes gets in a series of tweets.

"I had a sinus headache on a flight once and I got a f—ing cat scan after because it was so bad," he wrote.

Following his recently brightened outlook, however, he turned the ailment into something optimistic.

"Whenever you're feeling down bored irritated or disgruntled just say… thank god I don't have a sinus headache," he wrote at the time. "They feel like the episode of black mirror when the bee went into the guys ear."

West's return to Twitter earlier this year escalated into a full-on media blitz, with the rapper issuing controversial statements on politics, philosophy and even suggesting that slavery was "a choice" for those that were enslaved. Buried in his shocking list of quotes from that time was a bit of background on his history with medications.

The 41-year-old rapper said that he had been prescribed painkillers following his liposuction surgery in 2016. As he embarked on a busy touring schedule, he came to depend on the drugs more and more, he said, until he was finally hospitalized.

"I had plastic surgery because I was trying to look good for y'all," he said during his manic appearance on TMZ Live. "There was talk amongst my camp like, 'Ye's poppin' pills.'"

According to West, he soon went outside of the medical establishment to get the pills from a drug dealer, who told him "you know this is used to kill genius, right?"

West admitted that he did not give up all of his medications entirely, but he had stopped depending on them on a day to day basis.


"I'm not drugged out (now)," he said. "These pills they want me to take three of a day, I take one or two a week. Y'all have me scared — of myself, of my vision. So I took some pills so I wouldn't go to the hospital and prove everyone right."