Kanye West Grants Dying Fan's Last Wish

Kanye West is the kind of person whose reputation tends to precede him, but occasionally he unites both his fans and critics when he takes part in something beautiful.

Recently, a terminally ill fan of his was hoping to get to meet him before she passed away, but her family was having trouble getting in touch with him.

Once the situation was brought to his attention, West immediately jumped on his phone and FaceTimed with the girl, who was battling cancer.

According to TMZ, West chatted with the girl for a while, and even rapped his song "I Love Kanye" for her, as she told him that was her favorite song of his.

The girl was reportedly very excited that she got to meet her idol. She is said to have passed away not long after.

While West is often criticized for his erratic behavior, he's also been know to make himself available to fans.

On more than one instance, he's stood back and let up-and-coming rappers freestyle for him in public.

One of the more memorable moments was when a young rapper named Cameron Grey approached West as he was coming out of a nightclub with Justin Bieber and pleaded with the hip-hop heavyweight to let him freestyle.


West agreed and Grey went into a freestyle that listed his accomplishments and begged for a record deal, all while Beiber cheer him on to "spit some more bars."

After that encounter, West did follow-up with Grey and helped him put his album together, which Grey dropped in 2017.