Justin Bieber's New Mustache Not a Hit With Fans

Justin Bieber has been sporting a new look recently, and it's safe to say that his fans might not be on board with it. According to Cosmopolitan, Beliebers everywhere have taken notice of Bieber's new mustache and have even gone so far as to nickname his new facial hair situation the "Justache." And, as you can imagine, the "Justache" has caused users to go wild on social media.

Bieber started sporting his new look at the beginning of January, per Cosmopolitan. But, fans really took notice of it recently thanks to one photo that the "Yummy" singer posted. Bieber posted a selfie, which featured him wearing a pink sweatshirt, a gray beanie, and a flashy grill.

He didn't include a caption for the post, but it's clear that his "Justache" was front and center.

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In response to his new look, some of the singer's fans have taken to social media to jokingly call for him to shave it off.

"Justin Bieber needs to shave off his mustache," one Twitter user wrote.

"I would really like to see Justin Bieber without the mustache plz," another fan wrote.

While there are plenty who aren't fond of Bieber's facial hair (and weren't afraid to publicly say so), there were some others who defended the singer. One fan even said it best as they explained that Bieber should simply do whatever makes him happy.

"Nothing's better than getting to see a legend's revival, Stronger than before," the fan wrote. "Don't just shave that mustache if some people hate it. Just do whatever makes you happy...gb bro."

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time that the "Justache" has caused a stir online. In July 2018, ELLE reported that Bieber was sporting the facial hair situation yet again. However, the singer eventually shaved it for one specific reason, as fans noted.

"We were all excited he shaved his mustache and he said 'Yeah, Hailey made me shave it off, well not made me but you know haha' he's so cute and funny and looked so happy I love him so much," a fan, who said that they met Bieber in New York City, wrote at the time.


There's no telling how Bieber will react to this latest "Justache" backlash. But, if he's happy sporting the look, that's really all that matters.