Julia Roberts Loses It While Crossing Croc-Infested Waters With Bear Grylls

Outdoorsman Bear Grylls is world-renowned for his ability to survive the most brutal conditions nature throws at him. Not missing a chance to bring a celebrity along on one of his adventures, Grylls enlisted the company of Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts.

Among the many things Grylls and Roberts did in their special Red Nose Day edition of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, was crossing a flimsy rope bridge high above some hungry crocodiles.

While this might be a typical Thursday afternoon for Grylls, Roberts is somewhat less familiar with navigating the dangers of East Africa and proceeded to panic accordingly.

Before getting to the rope bridge, however, Grylls and Roberts hopped on a very small plane to get them close to their destination, and the bumpy landing and takeoff noticeably startled the Runaway Bride star.

After that, they jumped into a jeep and drove through quite a bit of rough terrain, ending once they reached a river.

Turns out, the only way to cross the river was by slinking across the aforementioned rope bridge, which hung high over the ravine that houses many, many vicious looking crocodiles down below.

At this point, Julia tells Bear, "I'm too afraid right now," and that his idea to cross the rope bridge was a 'terrible' plan.

She then looked into the camera lens and said, "We've come to a bridge that crosses a river full of crocs. I'm just [dripping] with sweat due to nerves. I'm very afraid of heights and I always have been."

After being strapped into a harness to help her cross, Roberts quipped, "Can't this episode just be running slightly less wild?"

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Once she made it all the way across, she looked at Bear and joked, "I don't know if we're gonna be best friends now, or if this is the end for us."

Just when Roberts thought the worst was behind her, for dinner Bear cooked a goat over a fire, and smashed in its skull to retrieve some brain matter for flavor.

Julia looked at Bear and said, "Do you think it will make me smarter if I eat it?" Then she sarcastically said, "I have so much conflict about how I feel about you."


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[H/T: Daily Mail]