Judy Greer Opens up About 'A Total Switch Show' and '13 Going on 30's Anniversary (Exclusive)

Judy Greer has had an extensive career in both film and television. Now, she's turning her sights to the podcast world for her latest project, A Total Switch Show. The comedy podcast, which premieres on May 6 on Audible, follows a mother and daughter pair, played by real-life mother and daughter Lea Tompson and Zoe Deutch, who have mysteriously switched bodies. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com for our @Home video series, Greer discussed working on the project and, in particular, what it was like recording during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greer explained that she became involved in the project due to her connection with Deutch, whom she worked with on the 2019 film Buffaloed. Since she recorded A Total Switch Show during the pandemic, the production was a bit different from the usual. The actor explained that "under normal circumstances, it would be fun for all of us to be together and record together or scenes. But, because of the pandemic, we recorded separately, but so she [Deutch] was on the on my earphones so I could read with her and she would read the other characters." She added, "I would say that it was really fun and really easy. But, maybe if we get to ever do it again, it will be more fun 'cause we could all be in the same room together."

PopCulture.com's discussion with Greer took place on the week of 13 Going on 30's 17th anniversary, as the film came out on April 23, 2004. Naturally, the conversation quickly turned to the fan-favorite film and the actor's lasting friendship with her co-star, Jennifer Garner. While the movie came out almost two decades ago, Greer and Garner still have a close bond to this day. Greer explained that their connection was immediate, as she was drawn to Garner's "positive" presence on the set. She recalled, "When you meet someone like that, you just kind of want to be around them more like she. I think we stayed friends because, well, we liked each other a lot. But, also I just liked how supportive and positive she was. She never complained."


Considering that the two do have such a close friendship to this day, Garner said that she would love to share the screen with Garner again in any form and that the pair "always talk about" working together. She even joked that her dream would be for "someone to pay us to hang out." Greer continued, "I mean on my gosh, who knows me in a Capital One credit card commercial. I could be in the background of Neutrogena being like, 'Hi Jen.'"