Jon Bon Jovi Thinks His Son Had Coronavirus

Singer Jon Bon Jovi suspects his teenage son Jacob had a "mild form" of COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus. Bon Jovi said he and his family have been self-isolating for 15 days, including wife Dorothea, daughter Stephaie and sons Jesse and Romero. The "Livin' On A Prayer" singer said Jacob is feeling much better know, after visiting with a doctor, but said his son was not tested for the coronavirus.

"The whole family is together, all the kids are here with us," Bon Jovi, 58, told Entertainment Tonight from his home. "We've been here 15 days now, not that I'm counting. Everyone here, Jake had a mild version of it just the intestinal kind." He later explained that Dorothea, 57, created a special "quarantine zone" in the house and no one can go to their laundry room without gloves and a mask. She wore a bathrobe backwards and different slippers whenever she was around Jacob, 17.

"We kept him in [the laundry room] until all of the symptoms had cleared and now he's a hundred percent," Bon Jovi told ET. He said Jacob was not tested for coronavirus though because it is still "pretty difficult to get one."

"It stemmed from some of the young guys that we had taken in here that also tested, they were tested and tested positive and had the main symptoms but they had left, and so we just followed those same protocols," Bon Jovi said.

Bon Jovi has shared several videos from his home while self-quarantining. Earlier in the week, he shared a special video calling out to Chicago after a clip of residents singing "Livin' On A Prayer" out their windows went viral. He also shared the progress of a new song he wrote, "Do What You Can."

"It first of all goes to show the healing power of music," Bon Jovi told ET of the response he's seen from fans. "It shows that kind of community like in those situations before -- like 9/11 or Superstorm Sandy or now this -- this is the time people come together and we shine a light on it and the truth is, little situations like this are happening every day to somebody across the country. This is that opportunity for me to show somebody else we are together."

Last week, David Bryan, Bon Jovi's longtime keyboardist, revealed on Instagram he tested positive for the coronavirus. Bryan's wife tested negative for the virus. The Memphis composer later told Extra he shared his stories to "calm the fear" behind the illness.

"I'm not just putting a face on it, I have it," Bryan said. "I'm 58 years old, so I'm not young but I am not old. I was in New York for the last couple months working on my musical Diana. New York is definitely the hot spot, just shows that you can get it. It’s a nasty virus. If you are healthy you can survive."

"You know, mainly I'm in bed a lot," he said, adding that for him it is "like just a bad flu… it's a slow recovery."


There are more than 116,000 coronavirus cases in the U.S., reports Johns Hopkins University. More than 1,900 deaths have been reported, including 517 in New York City.

Photo credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images