Johnny Depp Still Facing Assault Lawsuit in Wake of Amber Heard Decision

Johnny Depp may be finished with his lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, but he still has a major court case ahead of him this summer. The 59-year-old actor is due in court in July to answer an assault charge from movie location manager Greg "Rocky" Brooks. According to a report by Movie Web, Brooks alleges that Depp punched him in the face repeatedly while working together in 2017.

Brooks and Depp worked together on City of Lies, the 2018 drama about the investigation into the death of rapper Notorious B.I.G. Brooks filed a personal injury lawsuit against Depp that summer in Los Angeles, California, claiming that Depp had assaulted him during the filming of that movie. He said that one night, director Brad Furman asked Brooks to inform Depp that they were wrapping up for the day and that Depp's next take had to be his last. Brooks was confused as to why the director didn't tell Depp this himself and recalled that Depp smelled like alcohol.

Brooks said that he went so far as to look for a security guard to accompany him as he approached Depp, but that Depp sought him out first. He said that Depp was behaving as if he were drunk and that he punched Brooks "angrily and forcefully" twice in the ribs. The actor then allegedly shouted:" I will give you one hundred thousand dollars to punch me in the face right now!"

Brooks said that when he returned to work the following week, he was asked to sign a document promising not to sue Depp or the production team for the incident. He declined to sign that paper and was fired from the film. Brooks' lawsuit targets Depp and several other defendants from the film, seeking damages for Brooks' injuries and lost wages.

Depp has not commented publicly on this case or the allegations from Brooks just yet. Attorney Camille Vasquez is named as his attorney for the trial. Vasquez represented Depp in his lawsuit against Heard and became an internet sensation in her own right in the process.

Depp is expected to testify in his own defense in Brooks' lawsuit. He will reportedly claim that Brooks was the one acting belligerently and that he was acting suspiciously towards a woman on set. Depp will claim that he confronted Brooks but only verbally. The trial will begin in July.