Johnny Depp 'Looks Ill' in Frail New Photos

New photos of Johnny Depp have surfaced, and fans are somewhat concerned about the Pirates of the [...]

New photos of Johnny Depp have surfaced, and fans are somewhat concerned about the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Depp, 54, is currently on tour with his rock band Hollywood Vampires and was featured in several photos taken at the Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The photos which were posted by fans, show Depp looks thin as he poses in casual wear.

(Photo: Instagram / @kurtakatrin)

In the shots, the Fantastic Beasts actor is wearing blue jeans with a chain, a black T shirt that says "Stay Humble or Be Humbled," a Fugly-brand hat and several pieces of jewelry.

While Depp looks thin in the shots, the fans who posed with him expressed nothing but joy about the encounter.

"Happiness and joy overflow!" stylist Katerina Kurta wrote in a translated caption. "Thanks to my best work in the world for the opportunity to meet such amazing people! Accidents are not accidental!"

Makeup artist Nadya Shestakova wrote, "Incredible meetings. Thank the universe for the wonderful work and amazing opportunities. Adored."

(Photo: Instagram / @nadezdashestakova)

As The Daily Mail reports, reactions from outsiders were much less positive about the photos.

As the shots were shared on social media, fans shared that the actor looked "ill" and too skinny.

"I think that my hero looks ill," one Facebook user wrote.

Another added, "He looks thin."

Some thought that the actor looked virtually unrecognizable.

"F— me, is that Johnny Depp?" one Twitter user wrote.

Some directed messages at Depp, hoping he would somehow find them and follow their advice to eat more and take care of himself.

"Johnny, you look so thin hunny," one concerned fan wrote. "Hope you're taking good care of yourself babe."

Another fan added, "You need to be eating more, sir. You are looking a little thin. We don't want to lose you. I have lost enough celebrities already, that I cared very much for."

There have been no reports of any sort of illness affecting Depp.

he recently finished production on a controversial shoot for LAbyrinth, during which he allegedly was involved in an altercation with a crew member.

Depp is currently touring overseas with Hollywood Vampires, which also includes rock legends Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

He is slated to appear in three more films that premiere this year: City of Lies, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Richard Says Goodbye.