Jet Jurgensmeyer Speaks out on 'Last Man Standing' Thursday Night Switch

Between his role as Boyd Baxter on Last Man Standing, voicing Pip the Penguin on Disney Junior's T.O.T.S. and touring with his music, Jet Jurgensmeyer is keeping incredibly busy these days.

But in addition to school and enjoying summer, the young star admits in an exclusive with that he enjoys the pace of his lifestyle.

"I get to do what I love every single day," the 14-year-old enthused, adding how he is also excited about his Fox sitcom being recently renewed for Season 8. "We're all so excited! Everybody is [because] it's such a fun show to work on, everybody that comes to work every day is happy to be at work."

He adds how everybody on set on excited because you get to "laugh every single day," and that "everybody's so much fun!"

While the popular sitcom has dealt with a few changes over the course of a year, they most recently got switched from Friday nights to Thursday evenings on Fox, which is an overall bump up for the Tim Allen lead comedy.

The news was announced by Allen via Twitter: "In NYC at the Fox Network upfronts. Big news and kinda cool they are moving LMS to Thursday. So after football Thursdays are done they are teeing us up for a big Thursday comedy night."

The Jack Burditt-created sitcom may break away from its typical premiere for a midseason return in 2020. Unlike the show's dramatic bump from ABC to Fox, this shift is filled with a bit more upfront excitement.

"Everybody knows that the night we're changing to is a better night for comedies in general so we hope that we can get a better audience on the night that we're gonna be on," Jurgensmeyer stated addressing the switch. "I think everybody's just really excited about it."

The series was originally dropped by ABC after the 2016-2017 season which caused an uproar among fans. While LMS is a 20th Century Fox TV production — meaning ABC was paying super high licensing fees to air the popular show — many believe they were dropped for political reasons instead of financial ones.

"This was my first season on the show and I had a blast doing it, so really I didn't go through all that drama of the change up and everything," Jurgensmeyer recalled to "But I would say that everybody's just really happy to be on air."


The young actor mentioned that while he can only speak for himself, he doesn't believe the cast really cares what night they air, but that everyone is just happy to keep sharing laughs with fans across the board.

Last Man Standing returns this fall to Fox.