Jessica Simpson Shows off Her Insanely Toned Legs in a Pair of Combat Boots

Jessica Simpson showed off her toned legs in a new photo this week to show off new boots from her Jessica Simpson Style line. It was just one in a series of recent photos Simpson has shared that highlight her recent weight-loss transformation. Since her youngest daughter Birde was born last year, Simpson has lost over 100 pounds. In July, she celebrated her 40th birthday by sharing a photo of herself in 14-year-old True Religion jeans.

On Thursday, Simpson shared a photo of herself wearing boots with a plaid design, alongside a wide-brimmed hat. In the caption, she reminded fans to watch her appearance on the Home Shopping Network with her mother Tina Simpson to show off some new Jessica Simpson Style items. "We will be sharing some of our favorite new Fall styles including the first pair of flat boots that I have fallen in love with since high school," she wrote in the caption.

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The photo racked up over 135,000 likes from Simpson's fans. Even some celebrities were amazed, including Jessie James Decker, who posted several fire emojis and "Hot!!!" Lindsie Chrisley simply posted a few heart-eyes emojis and "OMG." The post also got the job done, with some fans saying they want to buy the boots themselves. "I may or may not have impulsed bought these boots because of this post," one fan admitted.

This was not the only important post that Simpson shared on Instagram this week. On Wednesday, she shared a tribute to her husband, retired NFL player Eric Johnson. "You are the human that all should aspire to be," Simpson wrote. "A force of transformative inspiration to all that know and love you and are lucky enough to have you love them back. I am so excited to see all that you have been working on so beautifully to be introduced into the world this year!"

In August, Simpson said Johnson has helped her maintain her sobriety in an interview with SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show. "People are like 'Don't you want to drink during this pandemic, oh my god aren't your kids driving you crazy,'" the singer said. "I'm like, 'No, I do not want to drink like I have not wanted it.' I feel like that's a big blessing. Once I surrendered and gave it over I never looked back and my husband did it with me so that support was amazing."


Simpson said she also quit drinking after realizing her children were watching and she did not notice how much she was drinking. As her children grew up, they began "watching every move" that she made. "I just really wanted clarity," Simpson said. "I wanted to understand myself cause I didn't even realize how much I was drinking and how much I was suppressing. I thought it was making me brave, I thought it was making me confident and it was actually the complete opposite, it was silencing me…. It's almost been three years which is crazy, I mean it's pretty, it's awesome."