Jessica Simpson Reveals She Is Dyslexic, Struggles With Reading out Loud

This has been the year of revealing a lot of personal battles for Jessica Simpson, and recently she opened up about another struggle she deals with. After her memoir Open Book hit shelves earlier this year, Simpson is now saying that she also battles with dyslexia. After her audiobook release, Simpson opened up with her followers on how she struggles to read aloud.

In her Instagram post announcing the exciting news, she captioned it saying, "OPEN BOOK, thank you for the therapy. @applebooks, thank you for recognizing and respecting my story. Turning my fears into wisdom has been a soulful journey to say the least. I appreciate the power of this praise with all of my heart." She then continued to reveal something she's been battling. "Fact: I'm dyslexic and this was the first time I have ever read out loud without hesitation. I did it for the listener. I did it for my family. I did it for myself."

According to PEOPLE, Simpson had an offer to write a motivational book on "living your best life" but said that she didn't feel it would have been a "honest" depiction of her life. Instead, she went with a more organic approach by revealing some of her deepest emotions with the public. Earlier this year, fans learned a lot about SImpson and her struggles with alcohol. She discussed why she decided to get sober, and the exact moment it hit her that she needed to make some positive changes.

"It's been a long hard deep emotional journey, one that I've come through the other side with pure happiness and fulfillment and acceptance of myself," she said. "I've used my pain and turned it into something that can be beautiful and hopefully inspiring to people." Simpson recalled a time where she drank too much and couldn't remember how her kids got into their Halloween costumes. From that moment on, Simpson knew she needed to change and give up alcohol.


Since living a sober life, the talented singer seems to be feeling a lot better with how life is going. Her husband, Eric Johnson, even encouraged her by refusing to consume alcohol himself, as a way to show his support for his wife. Now that Simpson has come forward about her struggles, she's confessed to feeling freer.