Jessica Simpson Reveals She Kissed Justin Timberlake After Her Divorce From Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson is preparing to release her memoir, Open Book, on Feb. 4, and on Wednesday, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the book. During her visit, she opened up about her romantic past, revealing that she once kissed Justin Timberlake after her 2006 divorce from ex-husband Nick Lachey.

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"After divorce and he was out of a relationship, he was, like, over at my house, we shared a nostalgic kiss, but I thought, 'Oh, this is interesting,'" she recalled. "And he took his phone out and started typing. And I was like, 'Okay, I hope that's not, like, another girl. Like, did I, like, stick my tongue out too much or, you know?'"

The mom of three added that her kissing Timberlake allowed him to win a bet he had with Ryan Gosling.

"But apparently him and Ryan Gosling had a bet on who would kiss me first when they were 12-years-old," she said. "And so, he texted Ryan and said he won the bet. And I was like, 'Oh, okay. Um…So we don't kiss again. That's done.'"

"Ryan was the one that I was, like…when I was 12, I was, like, 'This guy is so cool and he's from Canada,'" Simpson admitted. "I don't know where that is on the map, but I really think that that's amazing.' And there was something so cute about him. But Justin won the bet."

Simpson's memoir also saw the designer open up about her marriage to Lachey, writing in an excerpt shared by PEOPLE that "Nick loved the fact I was so strong in my faith and that I had this wide-eyed innocent approach to life. When he proposed in 2002, I said yes."

The singer ultimately filed for divorce in 2005 and shared that the pressure of the media contributed to their split.

"We really got crushed by the media and by ourselves," she wrote. "I couldn't lie to our fans and I couldn't give somebody hope that we were this perfect golden couple."

In 2014, Simpson married husband Eric Johnson and the couple now shares three children, daughters Maxwell and Birdie and son Ace.

Simpson told PEOPLE that she had received an offer to write a motivational book "to living your best life," but knew that to do so wouldn't be speaking her truth.

"I didn't feel comfortable talking about myself in a way that wasn't honest," she said. "I'm a horrible liar."


"It's been a long hard deep emotional journey, one that I've come through the other side with pure happiness and fulfillment and acceptance of myself," she continued. "I've used my pain and turned it into something that can be beautiful and hopefully inspiring to people."

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