Jesse Tyler Ferguson Apologizes to Dan Levy for Sharing 'Constipated' Photo

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is making things right with Dan Levy after the Schitt's Creek star jokingly complained he looked "constipated" in the photos the Modern Family star shared from his vacation with husband Justin Mikita and their friends. Sharing photos from the fabulous vacation to Instagram, Ferguson joked in the caption, "I live here with these people now."

Levy, who looks less-than-thrilled in the first photo Ferguson posted, commented humorously, "Cool you used the shot where I look constipated. Cool cool." Ferguson continued the fake feud on his Instagram Story, sharing a photo of the two actors walking with a thought bubble above his own head reading, "I'm sorry I posted pictures of you that you think you don't look good in...but I really looked cute in them." He then shared a more flattering photo of Levy, writing, "Here's a photo where you look really hot."

Ferguson and Mikita are taking time away with friends as a couple before welcoming their second child in the coming days. In June, the Broadway star announced that he and his husband were expecting their second child this fall, having previously welcomed son Beckett in 2020. "We are expanding our family," the actor wrote on social media. "Beckett is going to be a sibling this fall!" 

Ferguson previously told Ellen DeGeneres of becoming a father that he had been waiting to become a dad for a "long time," but that he was waiting on Mikita's timeline. "He's 10 years younger than me so I was like, 'You let me know when you're ready, but, like, I'm ready yesterday,'" he told the daytime television host. He continued jokingly of raising his son, "We're raising him gay until he decides he's straight," adding that Beckett listens to "a lot of show tunes because that's what I like" and that his "first exposure to music" was Britney Spears, which his dads played on the way home from the hospital with him. 


DeGeneres responded in kind asking if Ferguson would love his son the same if he was straight, which the new dad confirmed he "absolutely" would. "I mean, he can be whoever he wants. But like, I just have a feeling [he's] going to play football," he joked. "I could just tell. And I'm going to have to learn how to do all those things with him."