Jennifer Garner Goes All out With Her 2022 Halloween Costume

Jennifer Garner got into the Halloween spirit a little early last week by showing off elaborate ghost costumes on Instagram. Garner used some camera tricks to show off herself in two separate costumes at the same time, while her dog Birdie joined the two Jennifers in her kitchen. Being a celebrity with professional makeup artists for friends definitely has its advantages.

The video starts with Garner as a ghost with a purple-colored costume. As she goes back to her kitchen bar, a second Garner in a more traditional white ghost costume suddenly appears on the left stool. Then, her dog Birdie appears in a ghost costume on the left stool.

"Three little ghostesses, sitting on postesses, eating buttered toastesses, greasing their fistesses, up to their wristesses. Oh, what beastesses, to make such feastesses," Garner captioned the post. She also recited the poem in the video as she ate buttered toast.

Garner also tagged makeup artist Fiona Stiles, who shared the video as well. "My favorite time of year and my fave tradition..... getting to do Halloween makeup on [Garner]," Stiles wrote. "We've done a mime, a witch, the grandma emoji, a mailbox, a vampire and now some ghostesses. Birdie wasn't up for a makeup sesh, she went traditional and wore a pillowcase... Also, I love a ghost who wears house slippers."

This was not the only video Garner recently appeared in. Earlier this month, she joined Rosario Dawson, Seth Meyers, Joel McHale, Retty Crews, and Nancy Cartwright for a new video from the SAG-AFTRA Foundation to mark National Book Month. The foundation recently launched a reading initiative, Storyline Online, which was endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers, notes Variety. The initiative, which features actors reading classic children's books, also includes free activity guides that follow Common Core Standards.

"We have so much gratitude to those who have shared their gifts and talents to really bring this program to heights we never could have imagined," SAG-AFTRA Foundation president Courtney B. Vance said in a statement. "Storyline Online proved to be an essential resource to hundreds of millions of families across the globe during the height of COVID while school was conducted from home, and we continue to see its educational impact as students reacclimate to in-person classrooms."