Jason Momoa Goes Shirtless to Beat Heat After Car Breaks Down in Desert

Jason Momoa was left stranded when his car broke down in the desert, but the Aquaman star just went with the flow and enjoyed his time alone. Momoa posted a few videos to his Instagram story of himself kicked back on a cooler, "catching some rays" with his shirt off on the side of the road. Fans swooned for the actor, as always.

Momoa revealed that it was 110 degrees out as he waited for a tow truck just outside of Los Angeles last week. The actor made the best of the situation, pulling out an over-sized cooler and using it as a seat while he worked on his tan. He pointed out a few crush cans beside him and gave fans a look under the hood of his car as well. He said it was "the godd— radiator" that left him stranded. He passed the time with a country music sing-along, periodically interrupted by passing cars. See the video here.

Momoa has an abiding love of road trips, and he knows his way around a busted engine as well. He often chronicles his love of motorcycles on Instagram, particularly his vintage 1947 Harley. Whatever he was driving through the desert last week, it was not as equipped for the heat as he was.

Momoa is likely becoming accustomed to the heat as he promotes his upcoming movie, Dune, due out in December. The adaptation of a classic 1965 sci-fi novel by the same name takes place on a desert planet called Arrakis, where inhabitants wear unique "stillsuits" to recycle their bodies' moisture. Fans got their first look at Momoa in his stillsuit earlier this month when the Dune trailer dropped online.

Momoa plays a fan-favorite character named Duncan Idaho in the movie — a fearsome warrior sworn to train and protect the heir to House Atreides (Timothee Chalamet). In an interview about the movie with Stephen Colbert, Momoa admitted that he believes Duncan Idaho could beat his Game of Thrones character Khal Drogo in a fight.


"This film set the bar for how I want to have my career go," Momoa said later in the same interview. "Working with [director Denis Villeneuve] and this level of actors, I learned so much every day, and I laughed constantly. I felt beautiful in this film. So, Denis, I love you buddy."

Dune covers only the first half of the novel it is based on, with another part, planned to follow. In total, novelist Frank Herbert wrote six installments of "the Dune saga," and fans are hopeful that the movie will be successful enough to spawn a larger movie franchise. However, many are concerned about the plans to release the movie in theaters, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic. It is currently slated to premiere on Friday, Dec. 18, 2020.