Jamie Foxx Gives Encouraging Health Update Following Medical Emergency

The actor says he's been on an "unexpected dark journey."

Jamie Foxx has given his fans an encouraging health update, following his medical emergency earlier this year. In a new post on Instagram, Foxx shared some photos of himself and shared how he's been doing lately. "You're lookin at a man who is thankful," Foxx began his caption, "finally startin to feel like myself."

"It's been an unexpected dark journey... but I can see the light," Foxx continued. "I'm thankful to everyone that reached out and sent well wishes and prayers... I have a lot of people to thank... u just don't know how much it meant... I will be thanking all of you personally." Foxx then concluded his post, "And if you didn't know... GOD IS GOOD... all day every day."

In April, Foxx's daughter Corrine revealed that her dad had been hospitalized, but no explanation was given as to why the Oscar winner needed medical care. Over the last couple of months, many reports have indicated that Foxx suffered a stroke. However, this has not officially been confirmed. A representative for Foxx recently shut down a conspiracy about the illness that landed the actor in the hospital. A false claim went viral that Foxx's health issues could be attributed to a Covid-19 vaccine. In response to this, Foxx's representative told NBC News via email that this claim was "completely inaccurate."

In June, Foxx was spotted in public as he was helping a woman in Chicago. Fans shared a video of him on social media and claimed that he helped one of them find her purse. In the clip, Foxx is seen briefly, hopping into a black SUV while rocking a pair of sunglasses after presumably returning a purse to its rightful owner. "Thank you, Jamie!" someone yells to him in the clip. Someone else says, "Oh my God! He found your purse!"

More recently, a new report offered an update on how Foxx has been amid his public sightings. Speaking to ET, an unnamed source stated that the 55-year-old entertainer is "doing so much better and is getting back to being himself." The source added, "He has been talking to people about his work projects and looking forward to the future. He feels grateful that his recovery has been going well." At this time, Foxx's ailment remains a mystery to fans and there is no word on if he plans to share what happened.