Jamie Foxx Seen Helping Woman Following Hospitalization, Recovery

Following his hospitalization and recovery, Jamie Foxx was recently spotted helping a woman. ET reports that the actor was in Chicago this week, with fans sharing a video of him on social media and claiming that he helped one of them find her purse. In the clip, Foxx is seen briefly, hopping into a black SUV while rocking a pair of sunglasses after presumably returning a purse to its rightful owner. "Thank you, Jamie!" someone yells to him in the clip. Someone else says, "Oh my God! He found your purse!" See the interaction in the video below.

In April, Foxx's daughter Corrine revealed that her dad had been hospitalized, but no explanation was given as to why the Oscar winner needed medical care. Over the last couple of months, many reports have indicated that Foxx suffered a stroke. However, this has not officially been confirmed by Foxx's family or reps. A representative for Foxx recently shut down a conspiracy about the illness that landed the actor in the hospital. Recently, a false claim went viral that Foxx's health issues could be attributed to a Covid-19 vaccine. In response to this, Foxx's representative told NBC News via email that this claim was "completely inaccurate."

Foxx's former sitcom co-star Porcsha Coleman previously offered a health update on the actor, after his mysterious medical emergency. Speaking to ET's Kevin Frazier while attending the 2023 BET Awards, Coleman — who stared with Foxx in Netflix's Dad Stop Embarrassing Me — offered a brief update about the actor. "I've talked to people very close to Foxx, [he] is doing well," she said.

"I hate that the media outlets kept running with the narrative of what was going on without having the proper information," Coleman added, noting that there has been a lot of speculation about Foxx's health since he suffered a medical event in April. "One thing about Jamie is that he's always valued his privacy. If you've noticed, Jamie Foxx has always been on the low. Even when it came to dating, Jamie's always been private, so it never surprised me. Once I heard the news, of course, I reached out, but how Foxx is doing it is how Foxx should be doing it. He's resting, he's well. And he's going to be back. Trust and believe."

Praising the actor, Colemen went on to offer, "As I said, Foxx is somebody that I've always looked up to, and he's just a mind-blowing personality to be around because whatever's on the paper he's not going to do. So, you have to understand and be prepared; when Jamie is going somewhere you better go right there with him! So, I look forward to seeing him. I know he's doing great and he'll be back, trust and believe. He got a lot of projects coming up, a lot of music that I already know he has. So, I'm excited. I love you Foxx!"