James Woods Suggests Matt Lauer Might Have Been Fired Over Money

James Woods took to Twitter Wednesday to ask, in the wake of Matt Lauer's firing, if corporations are using sexual misconduct allegations as "an easy way to dump expensive star contracts?"

The discussion began with a link to an article about Lauer, who was fired this morning after a report was filed about his "inappropriate sexual behavior." However, after engaging with followers, Woods quickly back-pedaled — explaining that he wasn't necessarily talking about Lauer's case.

Earlier this year, Woods himself faced some pretty ugly accusations of sexual misconduct care of actress Amber Tamblyn. Tamblyn tweeted a story about Woods trying to "pick her up" when she was only sixteen, and Elizabeth Perkins called Woods out by name during the #MeToo campaign.

Woods is an infamous controversial figure on Twitter, even beyond the issue of sexual misconduct.

NBC hasn't commented on Woods' accusations.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock