Is 'Avengers' Star Chris Evans Dating British Actress Lily James?

Over the summer, rumors that Avengers actor Chris Evans is dating Cinderella star Lily James sprouted when the two were seen in London together. They never confirmed that they are a couple, and Evans refrained from going into details about his London trip when asked about it in August. The rumors about their relationship had people on Twitter wondering what James might be thinking when she learns why Evans was trending on the site Saturday.

Back in early July, The Daily Mail published photos of Evans and James, 31, walking around a London park and having ice cream together. The two were dressed casually together. Evans, 39, showed his support for his hometown teams with a New England Patriots face covering and a Boston Red Sox hat. Days before the photos were taken, Evans and James were spotted at the same private members' venue in Mayfair. They were seen leaving the venue together.

In August, USA Today asked Evans what he was doing in London. He declined to go into specifics, only saying he was taking meetings. Evans has been working on his new site, A Starting Point, which hopes to make it easier for the public to connect with elected officials. "There was some work things over there, but no, I'm not filming anything," Evans said. "People are still taking meetings. We're doing a lot of talking about work, about when work will get up and going."

Evans' last known relationship was with comedian Jenny Slate. The two had an on-again, off-again relationship for about two years before they split for good in Match 2018. In an interview with Men's Journal last year, Evans did say he was ready to tie the knot, and he really wants to be a father. "I like pretty pedestrian, domestic things. I want a wife, I want kids," Evans said at the time. "I like ceremony. I want to carve pumpkins and decorate Christmas trees and s— like that."

James was previously in a long-term relationship with The Crown's Matt Smith. The actress is best known for her roles in Baby Driver, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and Cinderella. Last year, she starred in Yesterday. Her next project is a new adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, which will be released on Oct. 21 on Netflix.

On Saturday, Evans allegedly shared a screenshot of his phone's photo library that included his most recently saved photos. One appeared to show male genitalia, sending Twitter into a frenzy. The screenshot was quickly deleted, with some even speculating the picture was faked. Nevertheless, it inspired his fans to share some positive stories and photos about the Captain America: Civil War star on Twitter. According to JustJared, Evans actually shared a screen recording from his iPhone, showing his family playing the game Heads Up. At the end of the video, he allegedly showed the camera toll.