Iggy Azalea Bashes Ex Nick Young After He References Cheating Scandal Again

Iggy Azalea wasn't a fan of Nick Young cracking jokes about their former relationship.

Young, a small forward on the Golden State Warriors, celebrated winning his first NBA championship on Friday by sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers with four straight wins. While giving a post game interview, Young said, "I went from being snitched on to about to put a ring on."

By "snitched on" he was referring to a video then-teammate D'Angelo Russell filmed showing Young admitting that he had cheated on Azalea in the past. The two first started dating in November 2013 and became engaged in June 2015. But when the cheating revelation came out a year later, the two split.

Upon hearing Young's reference, the Australian rapper called him out on her Instagram.

"I want him to stop referencing the s— he did as if it's funny or even cool just because it's old now," Azalea wrote in the comment section of a photo she posted on Saturday. "I've moved on but it's never gonna be a cute joke to make, Congrats on the win tho."

Azalea said in an interview with Andy Cohen in March that she got revenge on Young when she first learned about the cheating by burning his clothes in a backyard fire pit.

"I used to break stuff in our house, and I realized that I was breaking my own s—," she said. "I was like, 'That's stupid,' and he didn't care. So I was like, 'I'm going to find some sh-t you care about and I'm going to start destroying that,' which was his clothes."

The "Fancy" singer admitted later in March that her management team had staged an intervention with her to address her mental health and anger issues.

"They were like, 'We think you're really talented and you can go to the studio and make hits all day, but we don't know if, you know, someone says something about you and you have a reaction it could ruin a branding deal. We need you to go and speak to these people and make sure that you're mentally prepared to come out with new music,'" Azalea said in an interview with Billboard. "I didn't want to go there — I didn't like the idea of being sent away somewhere. I was pissed."

Azalea admitted she found herself herself struggling with her career by 2015 after canceling a concert world tour and a sophomore album.


"Before it was like, 'We're at the top of the mountain, and we have to stay at the top.' I slid down the mountain a bit," Azalea said. "I have regrets ... so many regrets. But ... I don't beat myself up about it at the same time, because it, everything, was like landing on Mars. I just think it's a lot for anybody to digest."

Her next album, Surviving the Summer, drops on July 6.