Idina Menzel Fans Loving Her Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Appearance

Frozen 2 star Idina Menzel is living her best life Thursday morning as she attends the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! The actress posted a video to Twitter showing fans she's practicing her "perfect wave" — probably for her performance — and fans love every bit of it!

One follower wrote, "Idina you're always fab [heart eyes emoji.]"

Someone else said, "A literal winter queen," while another person showed their appreciation for the Disney queen, commenting, "I'm thankful for you being the voice bringing an inspiring princess and queen to life as Elsa and making the song show yourself something so special to me and my friends !"

As the Thanksgiving Day parade is underway, it seems as though fans have mixed reactions about a few performances including Celine Dion and Beetlejuice. Dion performed her new hit "Imperfections" and from the slow tempo to potential lip syncing, fans were less than amused. Her bit came off the heels of the Beetlejuice performance and fans had serious thoughts about it. Again, from the potential lip syncing, to a song about death, fans were a little concerned and taken off guard.

Something else to consider is what's going on behind the scenes to ensure the parade concludes as expected since potential changes were almost made due to forecasted winds of up to 40 mph, which could have grounded the parade's massive balloons. If the weather didn't cooperate, the annual event's tradition of large balloons wouldn't have been apart of the show out of fear that they could cause injury. Thankfully, the New York Police Department officers gave the parade the OK to fly the balloons — although they are flying at a lower height than usual.


The 93rd annual event has been quite the treat so far, despite the few performances viewers weren't a fan of. Those watching will see 16 giant character balloons, 40 novelty balloons, 26 floats, 1,200 cheerleaders and dancers, more than 1,000 clowns and 11 marching bands as they grace the streets of New York City. The parade route began at 77th Street and Central Park West in Manhattan and will end at Macy's flagship store in Herald Square.

Also, fans will see five new balloons this year, including "Blues Clues & You," "The Brick-Changer," "Home Sweet Home," "Rexy in the City" and "Toy House of Marvelous Milestones."