Hulk Hogan's Plane Makes It Through Scary Landing Involving 'Blown Tires, Melted Brakes'

A plane carrying WWE legend Hulk Hogan suffered serious damage during an emergency landing in Iceland on Tuesday, Oct. 29. Hogan, 66, was traveling to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday for the upcoming Crown Jewel event when the incident occurred, leaving the plane with severe damage to its tires and breaks. He recounted the scary incident in a Facebook Live video stream.

"All right, guys, we are here in Iceland, and there's our plane. We just had a really hard landing," Hogan said in the video the camera panned the length of plane. "Blew out the tires and brakes have melted. That thing's not going anywhere."

According to a report from TMZ, Hogan had been traveling with fellow WWE legend Jimmy Hart, 76, at the time.

Thankfully, no injuries have currently been reported and Hogan informed his fans that despite the minor and terrifying hiccup, he would still make it to Saudi Arabia thanks to a friend of his from Minnesota, who offered to fly the WWE stars to their destination on his own plane.

"That thing's not going anywhere so over there is a buddy of ours and he's got the same type of plane we were on," Hogan said in the clip. "He's gonna be graceful enough to let us climb on board and continue the journey … we're gonna make it."

"Quite an experience landing with all that crazy stuff happening," the WWE legend ended the video, promising to keep his fans updated.

At this time, it remains unclear what caused the plane to make the emergency landing, though fans have clamored to the comments section of the video to react to the scary flight.

"Praying for safe travels and good luck brother," one person wrote.

"Be safe and I'm a big fan of yours for years," another commented.

"Have a safe flight Hulk Hogan," a third wrote.

"Flew in Iceland for 6 months always nasty for landings. lucky it wasnt (sic) a white out," another commented.


"Dang man heard you had a hard landing in Iceland. Hope the rest of your trip goes a lot smoother," a fifth wrote. "Looking to watching Team Hogan whoop some Team Flair Azz! LOL!"

Crown Jewel, a pay-per-view (PPV) and WWE Network event, is set to take place at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Thursday, Oct. 31.