Howie Mandel Reportedly Rushed to Hospital After Passing out at Starbucks

Howie Mandel is recovering in the hospital after the America's Got Talent judge passed out at a Starbucks in a Woodland Hills, California Starbucks, reported TMZ Wednesday. The comedian, 65, reportedly fainted while at the coffee shop with his wife and friends and was laid out on a bench while an ambulance rushed to his location.

Mandel was reportedly sitting up by the time the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived but was taken to a nearby hospital, where sources close to the star told TMZ he is being tested for a variety of things, including low blood sugar.

Mandel has been an open advocate for living a healthy lifestyle over the years, but told The Houston Chronicle in 2019 he had been diagnosed with high cholesterol in his early 40s and prescribed medication to help lower it. "It didn't mean anything at the time, so I didn't take care of it," Mandel said at the time of his reticence to go on medication at the time. "I run every day, eat healthy and I stay physically fit. I didn't feel bad, so it was like going to a computer store and they try to sell you all the technology that you don't really need for your laptop."

Mandel has also been open about his mental health, sharing with in August that wife Terry's ultimatum 20 years ago was what finally pushed him to seek help for his OCD, germaphobia and ADHD. "'You either get help and do something about that or get yourself some coping skills or I and the children are out,'" Mandel recalled her saying. The Deal or No Deal host added that while he may make light of his mental health problems, "it's a real issue" that affects those closes to him. "It's really hard to live with. And that was a drastic statement [from] my wife, 'I'm done,'" he said.


Mandel has been in therapy ever since that ultimatum but joked to PopCulture that his extreme anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed his therapist "into a whole new tax bracket," especially while moving forward filming America's Got Talent and his documentary, But, Enough About Me, for Peacock.