How Rob Kardashian Reportedly 'Turned His Life Around' Following 'Life or Death' Ultimatum

Rob Kardashian was reportedly faced with a serious ultimatum in his weight loss journey when doctors said that his health could begin to threaten his life.

Sources close to Rob Kardashian recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the reality star's struggles with bodyweight. The 31-year-old was mocked for gaining weight a few years ago, and has since reprioritized his life around his health and fitness.

"Rob has struggled nonstop for years with his weight and he finally seems to have turned his life around," an insider said. "Lately Rob's friends have been talking about how proud they are of him because he made his health a priority."

It was not just for his body image, however. Kardashian reportedly had an ominous visit with his doctor where he was told that if he did not make some major changes, his long term health could be at risk.

"He was warned that if he didn't lose weight, it could eventually become life or death, but since then he lost pounds and feels so much better," the source admitted.

These days, fitness has gone from a looming threat to daily routine for Kardashian. His friend said that he is now a regular at the gym and even has a personal trainer.

"He works out regularly with a trainer and that has made a difference in his shape," they said. "He really is beginning to look like the old Rob."

Back in October, news broke that Kardashian had lost at least 30 pounds — and perhaps as much as 50. He is reportedly still living in a rental property owned by his younger half-sister, Kylie Jenner, but he may be close to some big lifestyle changes beyond his health and fitness. Kardashian's first priority is seemingly fatherhood, as he looks for more way to be a good dad to 2-year-old daughter, Dream.

"Rob is nowhere near dating anyone right now seriously," the insider said. "He's happy to be getting himself back and wants to focus on that now. Rob has changed and wants to be the best father he can be. He wants to make sure Dream is cared for, so he is working on a plan to make more money."

On that score, he has some work cut out for him. The source said that Kardashian has been relying heavily on his mother, Kris Jenner, which he intends to fix as soon as possible.


"Kris has been a huge financial support," the source confirmed. "His mother purchased part of his sock company, which has helped tremendously. He wants to do more business and has been talking to companies about partnering with their brands."

Kardashian is the owner of a designer sock company called, Arthur George.