How Princes Harry and William Showed Subtle Support for Each Other at Philip's Funeral

Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship may very well be on the mend. After spending a year [...]

Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship may very well be on the mend. After spending a year apart and following the drama surrounding Harry and wife Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey, the two royal brothers reunited over the weekend for their grandfather Prince Philip's funeral, and they showed signs of reconciliation, according to one body language expert.

While the two princes followed their father Prince Charles and aunt Princess Anne in the procession leading from Windsor Castle to St. George's Chapel separated by their cousin Peter Phillips, they were spotted exiting the church side-by-side along with Kate Middleton following the intimate ceremony, and they even stopped for a chat. While the details of their conversation remain unknown, body language expert Elaine Swann, founder of the Swann School of Protocol, told Us Weekly it was "very hopeful [sign] for these two young men." Swann explained that William "did his best to open his body language toward his brother" and noted that William "turned it toward him. And so, in that opening, that's saying, 'Come on in. Let's talk, let's chat.' He didn't walk side by side, but he actually turned toward his brother." Swann said their interactions shed a positive light on their relationship, as they hinted at reconciliation.

"When you know that you have offended or maybe upset your older sibling, then you're going to do what you can to kind of make it right," she said. "You recognize two siblings trying to pull it together. I think Harry was doing his best to say, 'Hey, you know, bro, we're, we're still here. I'm still here. I still love you.'"

Swann, who said Harry and William's reunion is a "step in the right direction," added that "the death of the prince really has fast tracked everyone in this family to think about how life is… This family is looking at the whole scope of things and recognizing that life is precious. And so, what a way for [Philip] to really, in my opinion, kind of pull this family back together again." She added that the two royals' joint grief could bring them back together, explaining, "that's the one thing that's going to tie these two brothers [and] keep these two brothers together is what they have experienced as siblings in terms of their own tragedy."

Harry returned to the U.K. on Sunday, April 11, and it is believed the two brothers spoke with each other via phone as Harry was quarantining at Frogmore Cottage. At this time, it is unclear when Harry will return to the U.S., with Metro reporting that he "may delay" his return to California "after two-hour peace talks" with his brother.