Hilary Duff Sucked Into Baseless Child Trafficking Conspiracy

Hilary Duff is, unfortunately, the subject of an incredibly disturbing conspiracy theory. According to Meaww.com, the whole matter began when a user claimed in a since-deleted Twitter thread that they were going to "expose" Duff's alleged role in child trafficking. It's unclear exactly how this baseless theory came about but, if you've been active on Twitter lately, you'll see that this drama has caused Duff's name to be a #1 trending topic on the social media site.

In the Twitter thread, the user posted alleged screenshots from Duff's Instagram Story that claimed to show her son "completely nude" with "white markings all over his body." The sick individual claimed that Duff was trying to "sell" her child, writing, "It was clearly a message to the devils of the elites that her son is for sale. There is no other explanation." The user continued to outrageously claim that the Younger star was allegedly involved in child trafficking and that her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, has been trying to get custody of the couple's son, Luca Comrie, for "years."

In response to these disturbing and unsubstantiated claims, numerous users on Twitter have come to Duff's defense. One user even wrote, "Twitter really is notorious for creating the most CONVOLUTED & RIDICULOUS stories about actual people... now Hilary Duff is a "child trafficker"???? Y'all r having fun ruining lives & reputations. Knock that sh—t off, it's not funny #hilaryduff." Another user acknowledged the person who purported the baseless theory could face legal implications over the severity of their claims. They wrote, "You do realize when she gets cleared you're probably going to be sued for slandering her name right. I don't listen to conspiracy theory bullsh—t because one someone could have edited that picture on Reddit cause Reddit is full of crazies & two it's a conspiracy thread. #hilaryduff."


Yet another user also came to Duff's defense on social media writing about how unfortunate this entire situation is for the star. They wrote that Child Protective Services could still investigate the matter even though it is not true simply because it has gotten so much attention online. The user wrote, "The thing is because of this trending child services will have to look into it even if it is false and completely fake conspiracy theory bullsh—t. People are f—ing crazy and I hope she sues the person that made up the rumor about her. #hilaryduff@HilaryDuff." As of right now, Duff has yet to respond to this truly disturbing, unjustifiable theory publicly.