Heather Locklear Reportedly in Treatment

Heather Locklear is seeking help.

The actress, who made headlines after she was put on a psychiatric hold after an incident at her Thousand Oaks home, is reportedly receiving treatment to address her issues.

A source revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the former Melrose Place star is "finally in treatment and getting help that she desperately needs."

"She has isolated herself from most of her friends," the source says. "[Her friends and family] are all worried sick."

The news comes a month after Locklear was rushed to the hospital after a reported overdose call, which happened less than a day after she was arrested for allegedly kicking an officer at her home when police responded to a domestic disturbance call.

She was placed on psychiatric hold for an undisclosed amount of time. Her reps did not comment publicly on the incident.

The actress has made headlines in this past year for her behavior. In February she was arrested after law enforcement responded to a domestic violence call at her home. She was subsequently charged with four counts of "misdemeanor battery on an officer" and one charge of "resisting or obstructing an officer."

The actress spent almost two months in rehab back after she was arrested over a domestic dispute in February. At the time, she and her family were optimistic about her long-term sobriety, though they were concerned when she immediately got back together with her long-time boyfriend Chris Heisser.

"Her family wants to see her focus on her health and sobriety and once that's in place, she can then start fresh with a new man," a source told Entertainment Tonight at the time. "Right now, Heather is sober and she is in therapy. She is taking it one day at a time."

Those close to Locklear felt that Heisser was a negative influence on her mindset and sobriety.

"Heather came out of rehab and went straight back into the arms of Chris Heisser," they said. "They are like oil and water, fighting nonstop."


In the spring, Locklear's family reportedly hoped that her work in therapy would lead her to break up with Heisser, but it doesn't look like that was the case. The embattled couple was seen together as recently as the last week of May, when they went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting together.

The actress' ex-husband, Richie Sambora, meanwhile, recently expressed his support for Locklear. "I will of course always be there for Heather and especially Ava," he told the Daily Mail. "I am very proud of my daughter for her composure and strength during this difficult time."