Heather Locklear's Mugshot Released Following Arrest

Heather Locklear's newest mugshot has been released after her arrest on Sunday night.Locklear has [...]

Heather Locklear's newest mugshot has been released after her arrest on Sunday night.

Locklear has been at odds with the law for much of 2018. On Sunday, she was taken into custody yet again for allegedly assaulting a police officer and another emergency responder. In her latest mugshot, published by The Blast, Locklear appears disheveled and downtrodden as she looks down, refusing to even make eye contact with the camera. Her hair is tangled against its intended part, and it appears that one of her eyebrows has been shortened or shaved altogether.

The picture drew some frightened responses on Twitter, where many users sent their thoughts and prayers, while writing that Locklear "needs help."

"Money and fame do not save, so many stars have real life struggles," one person wrote. "God... lift her up and to her family."

"What a shame, she's been falling for years and these family members don't seem to help," commented another. "Calling police on her only leads to criminal charges. But maybe that's what they want in order to take control of her estate?"

Deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office visited Locklear's home at around 11:05 p.m. on Sunday night after one of her family remembers reportedly called in a disturbance. They found the 56-year-old actress "heavily intoxicated," they said. She was embroiled in argument with another person whose identity has yet to be released.

EMTs and paramedics were also summoned to look over Locklear because she was so obviously intoxicated. When an officer tried to intervene in her fight with her guest, she hit them. As the EMTs were looking her over, she kicked one of them as well. Both strikes were aimed at the body and not the face, and neither the deputy nor the EMT was hurt, but Locklear was taken into custody nonetheless.

The actress is still in jail, reportedly held on $20,000 bail. She is facing two charges of Misdemeanor Battery Upon An Officer And Emergency Personnel.

Reports that Locklear was intoxicated when police arrived are discouraging, as the actress spent nearly two months in a rehab facility following her arrest in February. Locklear was charged with battery on a police officer at the time as well, though she pled not guilty. After that, Locklear was banned from possessing firearms.

She may have forgotten that last week, when she was hospitalized after threatening suicide. Audio from that call identified her as a "suicidal subject," and said that she was "trying to hurt herself and looking for a gun to shoot herself."