YouTuber and Netflix 'Haters Back Off' Star Colleen Ballinger Reveals She Secretly Married Erik Stocklin

Colleen Ballinger is a married woman!

The YouTuber revealed on Dec. 29, 2018 that she and boyfriend Erik Stocklin had secretly tied the knot, sharing the news in a YouTube video in which she recapped her 2018.

In the 12-minute long clip, titled, "2018 was hard," Ballinger reflected on the past 12 months, telling fans, "This was the hardest year of my whole life, but it was also the best year I’ve ever had."

“I had the craziest year of my entire life. I cannot believe it’s over,” the comedian continued.

"This year I got pregnant and engaged and married all in the same year — yeah, we got married," she said to the camera. "Oops, forgot to tell you that one."

Ballinger and Stocklin recently celebrated another milestone when Ballinger gave birth to their first child, son Flynn, in December 2018.

While Ballinger didn't go further into the topic of her marriage, footage in the video from Flynn's birth shows Stocklin with a gold wedding band on his hand, an accessory that can also be spotted in an Instagram photo Ballinger posted from the day their son was born.

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(Photo: Instagram / @colleen)

The 32-year-old also praised Stocklin in her year-end video, calling him the “perfect man.”

“I’m so happy that I have an incredible husband who helps me take care of [Flynn] and he takes care of me and he’s the most selfless, wonderful, sweet, perfect man,” she said. “I feel so lucky. I don’t know how he exists. I hope my son is exactly like him when he grows up.”

Ballinger first confirmed her relationship with Stocklin in June 2018 and announced her pregnancy and engagement to Stocklin in a YouTube video that month.

“I am 13 and a half weeks pregnant,” she said in the clip. “I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud to a camera. This has been the hardest secret to keep from you guys … I’ve never cared about anything more. Like, I have a baby! I’m so pregnant!”

Ballinger is known for her YouTube alter ego Miranda Sings, and she also starred as the campy character in Netflix's Haters Back Off, which also featured Stocklin as her love interest.

The YouTuber also addressed her relationship with Stocklin in her pregnancy announcement video, telling fans, "As you guys know, Erik and I have kept our relationship pretty private. Erik is not an Internet person. He’s so shy and sweet, and social media and the Internet [are] not really his thing. So we’ve kept our relationship extremely private."


“We started out as friends, and that turned into best friends in the whole world, and then that slowly turned into more," she continued. "But when it turned into more, we very quickly realized, ‘This is my person.’ We knew we wanted to be married, we wanted to have a family together, we wanted to grow old together. This is what we want, this is what we need. It just is a perfect fit.”

Photo Credit: Getty / Greg Doherty