Harvey Weinstein Rushed to Hospital With Chest Pains Following Guilty Verdict

Harvey Weinstein has been rushed to Bellvue Hospital in Manhattan on Monday, only hours after being found guilty on charges of sexual assault and third-degree rape.

The disgraced Hollywood mogul was supposed to be transfered to jail on Riker's Island after appearing in court earlier but was diverted to Bellvue after complaining of chest pains.

According to Variety, Bellvue is likely well-known as a psychiatric facility but it also stands as a hospital for inmates.

Weinstein had been free on $2 million bond but Justince James Burke ordered the former producer to be held in custody prior to his sentencing on March 11.

Variety adds that his lawyer, Donna Rotunno, had asked that Weinstein remained free, citing concerns stemming from his recent unsuccessful back surgery. The mogul reportedly requires shots to avoid going blind and appears to be forced to use a walker that has raised questions in the midst of his trial.

Rotunno also spoke with Fox News on Monday evening, confirming that her client would be receiving medical care at whatever prison facility he ends up in, in this case Riker's Island. She also mentioned Weinstein was having heart palpitations Monday but didn't disclose that he had been taken to the hospital.

Many have questioned Weinstein's health complications as the trial continued, with some online even wondering if it was an act. Nothing has been confirmed outside of Weinstein's lawyer's comments.

Reactions to the latest development do not lend much sympathy to the disgraced mogul or his potential health issues.

"That suggests he has a heart," one wrote.

"He'll do anything to get out of paying the price for his crimes," another added, alleging the health emergency was fake.


"He's probably lying but hey he could be having a heart attack," a third added.

With his conviction, Weinstein could see 5 to 25 years in prison. Many women spoke out during the trial, even if they were past the statute of limitations for their case. Others kept their comments until the verdict was read. This includes alleged victims like Rose McGowan who became a prominent presence during the #MeToo movement and one of the voices speaking out about Weinstein before he was put on trial.