Harry Hains, 'American Horror Story' Actor, Looked Forward to 'New Era' in Last Instagram Photo

Just days before his unexpected Jan. 7 death, Australian actor Harry Hains opened up about his excitement for the future in a New Year's Instagram post. On Friday, Jan. 3, the 27-year-old, who appeared in American Horror Story and The OA, revealed that he was entering a "new era" and was making an effort to cherish "every moment."

"TO 2020!×××The NEW ERA has already begun," the actor captioned the snapshot. "So let's all keep only moving forward, staying so present to enjoy each & every moment throughout this beautiful new BEGINNING."


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Back in March, Hains had again expressed his excitement for the coming months, revealing in an interview with Boys by Girls that he was hopeful for the future and had a number of projects in the works, including new music, several scripts, and acting jobs.

"To me, I'm not working - I am in LA creating and writing and being able to do what I want to do," he said. "And it's been such a pleasure to meet people that want to carry my career in the right direction. It's mind-blowing that I have even been able to get to where I've got to right now, and what I have planned next is even bigger."

"It's kind of amazing," he said. "I have put so much hard work into this. I have been so dedicated and passionate about ANTIBOY and the brand - the whole idea and what it represents. It's been so beautiful to see people catch on to that - wanting to be part of my team and wanting to make what I do a reality because they love that I represent and stand for something that other people don't stand for."

Hains added that he was also looking forward to advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.


"I'd love to create a space for LGBTQ+ artists where people can feel safe to go and create art and exist and collaborate in this space," Hains explained. "Not just for LGBTQ+ artists, but for anyone who feels judged in the outside world or feels like an outsider or minority. This space would be for anyone who doesn't feel safe in society to create the art that they want to create."

Hains' cause of death has not been revealed. His mother, Jane Badler, announced that a memorial service for her son will be held at Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles on Jan. 12.