Halsey Shares Stripped-Down Selfies: 'I’m Still That B—'

Halsey has proven herself to be a layered, complex lady so far in her career. Her social media presence presents different looks and different ideas. Sometimes she's embracing peace and relaxation. Other times she addresses serious issues and then there are times where Halsey is just embracing raw energy.

Her latest post is a trio of selfies that delivers a leopard print robe with a brown bar and black undies. She's also sporting longer hair, covering up her colorful shaved head with a wig that compliments the entire ensemble. The caption for the photo equally captures the energy.

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"I know I been bald but I just wanted to remind y'all I'm still that b–h," Halsey wrote as a reminder to fans who may have forgotten. Many responded in the comments and tried to calm any fears that they were out of the loop.

"[Honey] you don't need to remind us, WE BEEN KNEW!" one fan wrote in the comments. "[You] make me wanna build a house with my bare hands," another added. Many, many more were just enamored with the photos.

Halsey has shared many great snapshots in the past few months amid the coronavirus pandemic. She has also been promoting a book along the way, titled I Would Leave Me If I Could. It is the singer's first book and will showcase her poetry, with a little dash of her time on Tumblr's blogging platform. "I used to write poetry and post it on my blog every day," Halsey told Vogue earlier in November. "I wrote a few thousand sentences but am somehow struggling to string together a single one to summarize how excited I am about this."


More recently, she hit the road on a pandemic-adjusted book tour, showcasing tie dye buzzcut hair, took in her book's special appearance at Target. "Book release things. Everything is disgusting and it's perfect," she wrote in the caption of some of the photos.

But throughout the summer, Halsey was focused more on relaxing by the pool or around the house in a series of bikinis. You can check out some of her better looks over here compiled from across the pandemic. It will also be an excellent introduction to Halsey's real side and the idiosyncracies that she isn't afraid to show to her fans.